Open Workshop

May 13, 2023

Bill Arnson and Bill Ernst will not be in the classroom for instruction. The room will be open for using the cabbing machine, rock saw, steam cleaner, and light box. The silversmithing materials will NOT be available.

We currently have:

  • 2 Cabbing stations
  • 2 Silversmithing stations
  • Steam Cleaner
  • Photo Light Box

Use of some of the equipment costs the following:

  • Cabbing Machine:
    • 18mm x 25mm or smaller - $1
    • 18mm x 25mm - 30mm x 40mm - $2
    • Larger than 30mm x 40mm - $3
  • Rock Saw:
    • $0.50/square inch or any portion thereof

Please bring cash in smaller bills, as there is limited change.

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
815 E Farm Rd 182
Springfield, MO 65810

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