Member T-Shirt Poll

EDIT (Mar 28, 2022):

The membership voted and the teal color (Jade Dome) won. The poll is now closed and I am taking orders.

EDIT (Mar 21, 2022): 

Here’s an update on the T-Shirt poll. We’ve had 13 responses so far.
Teal: 8
Heather Gray: 3
Blue: 2 Those 13 responses have said they would purchase 75 shirts.
The total for each shirt:
YS-XL: $11.86
2XL: $13.86
3XL: $14.86
4XL: $15.36
5XL: $16.36
If we purchased at least 100 shirts, it would cost:
YS-XL: $11.07
2XL: $13.07
3XL: $14.07
4XL: $14.57
5XL: $15.07 At 200, it would cost:
YS-XL: $9.63
2XL: $11.63
3XL: $12.63
4XL: $13.13
5XL: $14.13
I could also save about $2 per shirt by deleting the logo from the right sleeve. This is what it would cost for the 75 people have said they would buy now.,
YS-XL: $9.88
2XL: $11.88
3XL: $12.88
4XL: $13.38
5XL: $14.38

This is the design I have come up with for the member t-shirts. I have researched several online sites (presented at the February membership meeting).  The company Blue Cotton seems to be the best value.  The shirts below are the Gildan 8000 DryBlend 50/50 Tee. Every color Blue Cotton sells of this shirt is 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester.  Unfortunately, I cannot quote a price as that depends on the quantity and sizes ordered.  The range could be anywhere between $10 and $25.

These sizes are upcharged an additional $2.00-$4.50 per shirt:

  • 2X = $2.00
  • 3X = $3.00
  • 4X = $3.50
  • 5X = $4.50

Below there are two questions and a comment section. At this point, there is no obligation to purchase.  However, if you are strongly considering purchasing, please fill out the poll. We are trying to narrow down the color to one and give us an estimate of how many we will buy. With that information, we can determine more specific costs.

  • Choose the color you think would be best for the group
  • If you were to purchase this member t-shirt, the amount of the size(s) you might buy (use the sliders to move the bar to the right)
  • Use the Comment section to voice any concerns, likes, dislikes or suggestions