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This table shows gems, rocks, or minerals that may be confusing. Either their names are misnomers or they are intentionally deceiving.
Images are linked to their sources. We are not endorsing or verifying any information contained in the source site.
ImageNameTrue NameTypeInformation
African TurquoiseJasperResembles turquoise
Amazon JadeAmazoniteMicrocline
Aqua Terra JasperVarisciteDyed
Arabic Script StoneLimestone with fossils
Aura QuartzMetal-coated
Auralite 23Amethyst with Hematite inclusionsThere are not 23 different minerals in the stone
Balas RubySpinel
Black AmberJet
Black MoonstoneLarvikiteMonzonite
Blue MoonstoneChalcedonyMoonstones with a bluish tinge do exist
Blue OnyxChalcedonyDyed
Blue OpalLazuliteBlue Opal does exist, but is rare
Blue Tiger's EyeHawk's EyeQuartz
Blueberry QuartzGlassManmade
Bumblebee JasperCalciteOrange and yellow = realgar
Black stain = pyrite
Candy JadeProbably not jadeDyed
Cherry QuartzGlassManmade
Coquina JasperLimestone with fossils
Crab Fire AgateCarnelian or glassDyed
Dalmatian JasperDalmatian StoneArfvedsonite (dark spots) on Feldspar (light background)Black spots are frequently misidentified as tourmaline
Dragon Breath OpalGlassSynthetic
Dragon Skin AgateProbably chalcedony or jasperDyed
Dragon Vein AgateProbably chalcedony or jasperDyed
Elephant Skin JasperLimestone with fossils
Emperor JasperPolymer resinSynthetic and Dyed
Gaia StoneGlassMade from the ashes of the Mt. St. Helens eruption in 1980
HeleniteGlassMade from the ashes of the Mt. St. Helens eruption in 1980
Herkimer DiamondQuartz
Impression JasperVarisciteSynthetic and Dyed
JadeAventurine, Chrysoprase, Dolomite Marble, Garnet, Prehnite, Quartz, SerpentineReal jade has tiny fibers in it and will be cool to the touch
Jasper JadeGreen Jasper or Serpentine
Kambaba JasperKabamba Stone
Lemurian Seed CrystalQuartzLadder-like groves cover the crystal
Limestone OnyxCalcite
Malaysia JadeChalcedonyUsually dyed
Mariam JasperLimestone with fossils
<a href="https://ogmr.rocksmashan-jade-white-4/" rel="attachment wp-att-3281">Mashan JadeDolomite MarbleUsually dyed
Mexican OnyxCalcite
Mojave TurquoiseLow grade turquoise, howlite or magnesiteDyed and bound with bronze or resin
Mt. St. Helens StoneGlassMade from the ashes of the Mt. St. Helens eruption in 1980
Nebula StoneKabamba Stone
Ocean JasperSilicified Rhyolite
Orbicular JasperSilicified Rhyolite
Oregon JadeDark Green Chalcedony or Jasper
Picasso JasperPicasso Stone
Picasso Marble
Metamorphic Limestone
Poppy JasperSilicified Rhyolite
Purple JadeSugiliteThere is a real variety of jadeite
Purple TurquoiseSugilite
Rainbow MoonstoneLabradorite
Rainflower JadePolymer resinSynthetic and Dyed
Rainforest JasperRainforest RhyoliteRhyolite
RhinestoneGlass or polymerOriginally made from stone prior to 19th century
Script StoneLimestone with fossils
Sea Sediment JasperPolymer resinSynthetic and Dyed
Utah TurquoiseVariscite
White Buffalo TurquoiseHowlite
White TurquoiseHowlite